"I" Track Walling System

Special Events (Bristol) Ltd introduce the new “I” track walling system. This system can be used as either static walling or even as a frequently changing exhibition layout. It builds attractive solid looking walls which are edged top and bottom with aluminium “I” beams which self-securely fasten each walling section (available in either 1m, 2m or a combination of lengths). The “I” Track systems also allows for the “I” beam to run vertically between joints eliminating separations between panels on uneven surfaces.

View of aluminium “I” Track Section
t&l sections
Birds Eye view of “T” and “L” sections

This system, using the aluminium “I” Track allows a wide range of different walling formations, such as single stands, corner or junction units and booths / storage areas. The aluminium “I” track also allows you to disguise any cabling (both front and rear) such as electrical leads and extension cables inside, providing a clean, sleek and professional finish to your display.

i track panels         i track panel2      

The “I” Track system panel units are extremely lightweight and come in sizes of either 2440mm x 1000mm or 2440mm x 500mm each are 50mm thick. The panels comprise of a honeycomb core with a 3mm MDF face, which is primed matt white and can be easily attached to using fastenings such as screws, staples, pins and Velcro.The “I” Track systems can be used for Exhibitions – Displays – Partitions – Libraries – Galleries – Museums – Art Galleries - Room Dividers  - Backdrops – Screens – Weddings – Events – Conferences.

The “I” Track system can be delivered, set-up and removed by our installation team.The “I” Track system is great value for money whilst giving you a professional, flexible exhibition “blank canvas” for your requirements.     
i track stari track star2

For more information about the “I” Track System, please CONTACT US with your requirements for a provisional quote.